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Rock Tamer, We'll Get Your Rocks Off!

  • Designed and built Heavy Duty to take on not only small rocks but also the stones that cause major damage to machinery


  • At 8.2 Tonnes and running dual hydraulic steered axles, the Rock Tamer will hold its track whilst maintaining a full chain load at almost 7m swipe


  • Only puts 2.1T on the draw bar in traveling configuration (chain up), 1.75T in working configuration (chain down)


  • Axles are mounted slightly forward of rear of machine and direct attachment to draw bar of tractor means faster steering response and better overall maneuverability


  • Hydraulic arms lifting the main chain rather than center machine lifting is done to have a lower center of gravity for better stability on slopes and in turns / headlands

  • 8 stud Bedford ag rims with 385 Super Singles as standard


  • Greaseable and bushed main steering plate, all other moving pivot points, i.e. Parallel arms, steering knuckles, etc, are equipped with replaceable Lubricomp bushes for 1000’s and 1000’s of hectares trouble free raking


  • All structural and moving plates, steering plates, hydraulic ram mounts, etc are done using Bisalloy 80


  • Full armour pack as standard on the main chain is Bisalloy 500 wear grade as are all main upright chain scales


  • Wear pack designed to be replaceable with wear packs available from APS Mobile Welding (at an additional cost)


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